Your life as a florist & entrepreneur is
about to get a whole lot easier!

We help florists create streamlined systems so they can build a profitable business and fill their calendar with dream brides.

hi, i'm megan

I've been a wedding florist for over five years and know first hand the struggle of keeping your to-do list in check! As a small business owner, I often felt myself falling behind. I was working my butt off, not making a profit, and feeling like a failure! It took years to figure out it didn't have to be that way!

I created Wildflower Social to help fellow florists like you flourish in this industry! It is possible to book out your business with dream brides and bring home that money! Let's get there together!

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free up your
valuable time

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what we can do for you

We offer Blogging & Pinterest management and can even craft and send editorial submissions to help you free up your time and move on to big picture ideas that will take your business to the next level! Stop treading water and start growing!

your systems

Efficient systems are crucial to a solid, sustainable business. You could be wasting valuable time and money by implementing poor systems (or not having any at all!) Let's get workflows into place that will save you time, resources, & sanity! 

attract your
dream clients

Girl, your work is beautiful. If you want to fill your calendar with dream clients, they have got to see what you can do! Let us help you keep your website up to date, promote your work on Pinterest, and get you published so you can keep booking beauties!

help build
your team

At some point, it can't just be you anymore. But hiring your first team member is scary and tough! We can help you hire the right person the first time, create a solid Team Member Handbook, and feel confident in your leadership skills!